Minor Pentatonic

Minor Pentatonic

If there is a Major Pentatonic there must be also a minor version of it! By the way it is the fifth mode of the Eb Major Pentatonic scale.

Here is the C Minor Pentatonic scale:

hear the Minor Pentatonic scale

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A comparison of the Minor and Major Pentatonic scale

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An example in classical music of the Pentatonic scale is „Prélude à l’après-midi d‘ un faune“ from the year 1894 by Debussy.


The jazz pianist Mc Coy Turner demonstrates how much can be created from a relative simple scale.


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Parallel Major and Minor Pentatonic

Pentatonic scales can be used very often and are easy to play. Parallel Major and Minor Pentatonic have the same notes and key signatures.

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If you begin with the I degree you get the major pentatonic.

If you begin with the VI degree you get the minor pentatoni



Application of the Minor Pentatonic

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With this Minor Pentatonic J. Coltrane plays the Major Pentatonic (also Major color circle) but with a diminished III degree of course.



John Coltranes Minor Pentatonic

Here are the two scales for comparison.

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Die Vorhalts-Pentatonik ist wie die normale Moll- Pentatonik mit dem, um einen Halbton verminderten zweiten Ton.

Sus Pentatonic

The Sus Pentatonic is the same as the Minor Pentatonic with the second note diminished by half a note.
The scale is not on the ScaleTwister, but is easily derived from the Minor Pentatonic. It is basically the second mode of the Bb Major Pentatonic.

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This scale is used for the so called sus-chords .

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