Minor Dorian


The Dorian Mode is the second Mode of the major scale. In the Dorian mode the third step (Eb, transposed to C) is a minor third away from the root note and therefore has a minor characteristic. The Dorian scale differentiates itself only by a half note (A — Ab) from the natural minor scale. Here are the scales for comparison.


hear the Dorian scale

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The Dorian mode is used more often than the natural minor scale, since the half note higher sixth degree (A) sounds dissonant with a seventh chord (e.g. Cm7 = C Eb G Bb).


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The three classical minor scales

The Natural or Pure Minor scale is the VI mode (Aeolian mode) of the major scale. Increasing the seventh degree by half a note will create the Harmonic Minor scale. Increasing the sixth and seventh degree each by half a note will create the Melodic Minor scale.

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