Major Lydian

Lydian +4

The lydian mode is the fourth mode of the major scale and has also a major characteristic.

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When you compare the two scales (transposed to C), you can observe that the only difference is the augmented fourth degree.

hear the Lydian +4 scale




With the Chord-Clock on the utilities color circle you can easily read the notes of a chord.



  • The fourth degree of the major scale (F) sounds dissonant when played over a major 7 chord (Cmaj7) and should be avoided. With the lydian scale you can avoid this problem!
  • If exclusively the Lydian mode is used, the symbol Cmaj7#11 appears for the score. (with the option 11 a F is added to the Cmaj7 chord. With the symbol #11 the F is augmented to F#).
  • The Lydian scale can be used as a substitute for other modes.

The three Lydian scales for comparison

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