Dom7 Locrian

Half Diminished Locrian

This scale corresponds to the VII mode of the major scale.


hear the Half Diminished Locrian scale

With the diminished III degree (Eb) it has a minor characteristic.

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The Locrian scale fits the half diminished chord. The symbol for the half diminished chords is a circle with a diagonal line: Ø

Attention: The 2nd degree sounds dissonant.

The Half Diminished Locrian scale is easy to learn, because it has the same notes as a major scale a half note higher.

This can be seen best by comparing the B Half Diminished Locrian scale and the C major scale.

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Half Diminished Locrian #2

This scale is the VI mode of the Melodic Minor scale. This scale is not on the ScaleTwister, but is derived easily from the Half Diminished Locrian scale.

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Here are the two Half Diminished Locrian scales for comparison. The difference is on the II degree.

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